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Cancer Is Serious Business
This film is dedicated to everyone who has been affected by cancer.

This is the story of a medical doctor and PhD biochemist who has discovered the genetic mechanism that can cure most human cancers.

The government's reaction to Dr. Burzynski's breakthrough has been to discredit him, unsuccessfully, and they have tried every possible approach to take away his medical license.

Why isn't this new therapy being embraced?
GREED - Big pharma, the American Cancer Society, cancer clinics that administer the painful traditional treatments that often have little success, and their big brother; The Food & Drug Administration, work together to promote their fiscal health agenda
... human health be damned they might as well say.

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business from BurzynskiMovie on Vimeo.

Website: https://www.burzynskimovie.com/

Interactive sourced transcript

Dr. STANISLAW BURZYNSKI - on camera interview:
The entire approach is totally wrong. It’s based on the microscopic diagnosis of cancer which is about one hundred and sixty years old. Without really looking at what is causing cancer, without looking for the genetic signature of the cancer—the technology in this area is developing, it’s available today if somebody would like to use it he can have at least some idea of what is ”the best to use for this patient”.

But the doctors are uniformly resistant against it, they don’t want to hear about it, they just use the combination of medicines in which they have learned by heart, and they know that that’s what they should use for everybody. Terrible waste, waste of resources, a terrible waste of human lives because in the meantime these patients obviously will not respond and they could respond if they would be given good medicine. Terrible waste of resources from the large insurance companies, as they will obviously pay for very expensive regimens which are going to fail, but at the same time when you try to select what is the best medicine for a patient based on their genetic signature they may not pay you, because they say “no, this medicine is not yet FDA approved, and it shouldn’t be used.”

It’s a totalitarian approach: everybody's the same, everybody should receive the same medical regimen, and don’t you dare look at somebody as an individual—treat everybody the same way.

It’s good for the pharmaceutical companies because they will make billions of dollars, good for doctors who don’t want to learn much because they need to learn medicine by heart, and they can use the same thing all over again for a number of years. But of course bad news for patients who are going to have adverse reactions and very few of them will have real good results. That’s a problem.


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Cancer is Serious Business
The story of a medical doctor and PhD biochemist who has discovered the genetic mechanism that can cure most human cancers.

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